Monday, July 26, 2010

Dressage at Devon Part I

Dressage at Devon is a dressage horse show that attracts horses/riders from all over the country and the world. It's traditionally hosted in late Sept sometimes running into October. This year marks its 35th aniversery.

Tuesday-Thursday is the breed show followed by the under saddle classes starting up Friday ending on Sunday.

Thursday is a fun day because of the Individual Breed Classes. This year there are over 20 different breeds including the ApSHA class.

If you're curious about entering Dressage at Devon here's a cap of what to expect.

Unfortuntely DAD is not cheap.
Horses must have either a USEF ID or USDF ID Card or lifetime number. Check or for more info on fees.

$45 (Class #157 ApSHA IBC)
$30 (office fee)
$30 (non-member USEF fee, if applicable)

Other Fees
$75-125 (professional handler)
$50-75 (braiding)
$50-135/night (Hotel)
Stabling is $45 a day. So factor that in. IBC is always on Thursday.
Devon is not really set up to be a haul-in facility, so getting a day stall is recommended.

On that note. Trailer parking lot is 4 miles away from the Devon show grounds. Some hotels will let you park in their parking lot. Call before hand to make sure.

The atmosphere is great! My first Devon experience was last year and I had so much fun.

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