Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dressage at Devon

Dressage at Devon is one of the biggest breed shows in the United States. Dressage at Devon hosts the Individual Breed Classes on Thursday. It's a nice highlight of the show. You get to see a lot of the normal breeds and some of the more unique breeds.

Appaloosa Sport Horse Association hosts an IBC each year. This year we had 5 horses turn up.

It was rainy, it was windy, and all the ponies were very naughty. :P I have to say personally I know all of my mare's flaws. So my 67.900% was actually the highest she's ever scored in a breed show. She's built downhill, so the judge's usually always fault her on that. I guess being naughty and scared of all the flags flapping made her move a bit more uphill. :P

Here are the results:
1st-Waps Heracles owned by Martha Mitchell-75.400%
2nd-Waps Pandora owned by Martha Mitchell-74.000%
3rd-Waps Gaia owned by Martha Mitchell-73.000%
4th-Scho Me Love owned by Wendy Rhoades-72.600%
5th-Revs GoGo Dancer owned by Anna Mitchell-67.900%

Open Results:
2008 Colts/Geldings
9th-Waps Heracles-72.800%

2009 Fillies
Waps Pandora-64.600%

2010 Fillies
Waps Gaia-70.900%

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